Services and Prices

We like to keep dogs who are having full haircuts (no matter what size), for 3 hours so we can properly tend to their needs. We do not wish to rush to get your dog finished while you wait as there are a number of factors that can make a groom take longer or shorter so best you drop him off and return later. We like to give the dogs a break between tasks as we find this keeps them calmer and more relaxed. Some dogs can be very matted and take alot longer, others can need a slower approach if frightened, etc. If you have booked for only a tidy up or just a bath, the time of course will be shorter again.


Grooming Procedure

  • Pre clip or pre brush the coat and remove unnecessary hair, knots or tangles and determine what sort of hair cut your dog will have.
  • He will then wait his turn to be bathed in the hydrobath using whichever Petway shampoo appropriate for his skin and coat.
  • He will then be dried off.

We prefer not to dry dogs from wet to dry (as a lot of other salons do) as we find that for very young and very old dogs it is a stressful procedure with high pressure dryer and noises making it unpleasant for them (also if they have ear infections they do not tolerate the dryer near their heads). We will towel them dry as much as possible, blow the wet from their coats for 30 seconds and then let them dry off in a crate that has vents on the floor with warm air rising into it. We find this makes them feel cosy and warm and they are much more relaxed when they are taken out to have their finishing trim. Some dogs protest when we take them out and some fall asleep! We use Happy Hoodies on the dog’s ears to lessen the noise of the dryer.

  • He will then be brought back to have his finishing trim done where we will trim, style or clip the coat to your requirements, trim nails, pluck and clean ears.
  • Go home!

If there have been any issues we feel need to be discussed with you, we will do this when your dog leaves and recommend to you how many weeks it should be between visits, at home grooming tips, shampoo recommendations, etc.

Pricing Structure

Because dogs come in all shapes, sizes and needs, it is hard to have a specific price list! Generally the best method to keep costs down and at a consistent price is to rebook each time for 6 weekly visits. This gives you a $5 discount and keeps your dog’s visit with us consistently the same procedure for them (which is important). It is no fun for your dog (or us) to have to struggle with matted overgrown coats, fleas and everything they have played in! We want your dog to enjoy their time with us which is why we offer a discount for regular clients – it makes life easier all round!

Please note we do not groom Malamutes. They are a very vocal breed and their voice tends to escalate in volume even when they are being tended to. Sorry!

(coat in good condition, extra charges apply for matting, fleas, medicated shampoo, aggressive behaviour)
bath, dry, brush out/cut/trim/clip, trim nails, pluck and clean ears, deodorise

Shihtzu, Maltese, Silky terriers, Westies,
Pomeranians, small  King Charles spaniel,
 etc$65 stylised trim (fluffy or traditional)

$60 (short trim)


Toy Poodlesshort trim 
(with face, feet and tails shaved) $65

stylised trim $70


Cocker spaniels, med spoodles, med Cavalier King Charles = $65

traditional trim $70
Cocker Spaniel

Tenterfield terriers, Jack Russell Terriers, pugs, smooth coated Chihuahuas,  etc = $25 to $45 (depending on how much loose hair there is to deshed)
Staffordshire terriers, beagles, etc = $35 to $45 (dependent on how much loose hair there is to deshed)
Large smooth coated breeds
Dobermans, Rottweilers, German shorthaired pointers, Labradors etc = $45 to $55
Larger long haired breeds
Golden retrievers, Border collies, Standard Poodle, German Shepherds, Airedales, etc = *$65 to $90border collie
Giant breeds
Labradoodle, Groodle, Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs etc = *$80 to $150
bernese mountain old english sheepdog
Double Coated breeds
Samoyeds, Scotch Collies, Keeshonds, Chow Chows = *$70 to $120.
samoyed scotch collie

*Please note that with the above large, giant and double coat breeds, the price variation is due to the variations in coat length, thickness, size and time needing to be spent on deshedding and/or styling.

TIDY UPS are charged at a cheaper rate depending on the extent required, ie; tidying face, feet, groin and under tail but leaving body untouched.
This will also depend on the coat length as to how much the TIDY UP will be.

BATHING ONLY is charged at around half the cost of a FULL GROOM but dog must be in good coat condition or brushing out/clipping charges will be applied

MEDICATED SHAMPOO/FLEA RINSE = $4 to $6 You are welcome to purchase your own bottle of medicated shampoo to use on your dog to remove this charge.

ANAL GLAND EXPRESSION = $6 (proceeds go to

NAIL CLIPPING ONLY = $6 (proceeds go to

Please be aware that these prices are guides and the cost of your dog’s groom is dependent on how well you can maintain him at home. Excessively knotty, matted, dirty and behaviourally challenged dogs will incur a higher charge due to the time and expertise needed in order to properly groom them. Of course we will advise you on the best course of action to take to keep your dog in the best condition in-between visits.

Please click here for our matted dog policy


Standard prices are for dogs in good condition (physically and behaviourally) Prices will increase if extra attention is required.

    1. Rebook your dog for 6 weekly appts. Gives you a $5 discount and keeps it easier for your dog (and us!)
    2. Brush regularly to keep coat from turning to knots and then matts (takes longer to groom and is painful) Brushing keeps coat cleaner too so as not to incur extra costs for double bathing
    3. To avoid costs of medicated skin shampoos each visit of $4 to $6, feed your dog quality food (we recommend and sell BARF) to keep coat and skin in good condition.
  1. Apply flea treatment. Fleas create flea bath costs of $4 to $6. Also creates knotty coats and sore skin (adding further costs again)
  2. Address behavioural or aggression issues. Well behaved dogs make our job much easier and quicker, your dog much happier. Please advise of any issues beforehand
  3. Pay by cash. EFTPOS incurs a fee.