About Us

A little about myself (Narelle O’Dwyer) and how grooming is part of my life.

I am an animal enthusiast all round (not just dogs!) and spend alot of my time in support of worthy animal charities. I donate all proceeds of nail clips and anal gland expressions ($6 each) to my favourite charity www.saveorangutans.org.au and have been to Borneo to see these beautiful creatures in the wild. Unfortunately due to man’s destruction of their habitat for the palm oil industry, they are becoming extinct. I donate to this charity and others that I believe in also. Please feel free to drop a coin or two (or note) into our donation tins at the shop!
We also support the Bali Street Dogs and donate proceeds to their cause also www.balistreetdogs.org.au  Aside from poor care and understanding, they also have the added problem of rabies. BAWA and BARC (volunteer dog welfare organisations located in Bali) can only help these dogs with our support.

We have a donation bin in the shop if you have any bedding, dog food, leads, toys, etc a homeless local dog could use. These donations go to the local charity Be The Change who rehome dogs and cats.

I have always had an interest in dogs and their wellbeing and learned the art of dog grooming by working from the bottom up in a salon environment starting at the age of 20. I was trained over a 5 year period until I felt I could handle almost anything presented to me. I opened City Slickers in 2000 and over the years have trained my own staff to clip and trim in the same style. I am proud of the fact that unlike alot of salons, we can proficiently clip and scissor traditional styles and blend to any length required. Alot of salons that spring up with minimal training have not had much experience in this art and can only clip basic short haircuts. We are always open to a challenge! I have recently found the Asian Fusion style as popular overseas and love to try it out on any willing participants!
This style is where everything is trimmed round – round face, head and ears. Hair needs to have grown over the top of the nose so this style can be properly created.
See the below examples of existing clients with this trim.

 It best suits dogs with poodle coats but please ask if you are looking for a particular style, we are more than happy to oblige.

I very much support rescue and rehabilitation of dogs as opposed to buying from pet shops, backyard breeders or puppy farms. If you are looking for a new companion or need to find a home for one, please let us know, we will help if we can and also refer you to www.btcanimalshelter.com.au, www.scrufferlovers.org or other local rescue homes to find a suitable dog for you. Please have a look at www.oscarslaw.org.au for more information on the horrid puppy farm trade and what you can do to help the laws change to protect our best friends and not unknowingly supporting it.

We can also refer you to dog trainers/behaviourists such as www.sherlockbones.com.au to help you and your friend work out a happy living arrangement and deal with those naughty behaviours!

I have rehomed numerous doggies over the years and often see them come back for a haircut, it is very rewarding for me to know that the dog finally got his forever home and that I was a part of that.

My dog (Alvin) was a rescue from the streets and though he has now passed away, his image is seen on the wall of the shop and in our advertising and business cards. I adored him and will adore the 3 others I have now being Rodger the Maltese – cute and looks like butter wouldn’t melt but suffers from a bit of ‘short man syndrome’ and loses his temper often, Squeezy the Frenchie who was rescued from a puppy farm, has a regurgitation problem but has so much love to give, and the new addition Poppy the chihuahua x silky who looks just like Alvin but loves my daughter and only tolerates me when I have food for her. All rescues and all loved dearly despite their quirks!

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