Products and Accessories

Petway Pet Shampoos, detanglers and colognes
for all types of coats and skin conditions.
(Petway is the choice of shampoo used in the salon)
Prices vary between $15.00 to $20.00
Collars, leads and Harnesses.
lots of varying styles, colours and sizes.
Prices vary, starting at $6.00
Missing Link
Dietary supplement for skin problems and maintaining health.
Ask me about this product, it has been excellent in helping itchy, allergy prone dogs get under control.
I discovered this product 20 years ago and recommend it highly.
Powder form for sprinkling on food. $38.00
Money back guarantee (can’t lose) for more information
for all sized dogs. works in 85% of cases.
Reduces stress in dogs scared of thunder, separation, fireworks, car travel, barking, etc.
$45.00 Money back guarantee. We use thundershirts in the salon on frightened dogs to calm them down.
For best results, use in conjunction with behavioural therapies.
click here for more information and see it in action
(Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) $21.00 and Sensitive Skin B.A.R.F $22.50
Australian made by Australian vet concerned with pet foods becomingly increasingly like junk food.
This food has NO meat by products, only human grade meat, raw vegetables and supplements to improve skin and coat. There is no preservatives or colours. 12 pattys per box
Feeding guide is approx 1 patty per 14kg of body weight.
This product is recommended for all dogs but especially for those with existing skin problems.
Feed in conjunction with raw meaty bones for great results
Big Dog dried fish treats
in several varieties $10 and $15


Please ask us if you are looking for a particular product, we have lots of products not listed here and if we don’t have what you need, we will endeavour to find it.